Attitude Club Office Building
Sam-Kong, Phuket, Thailand
The Attitude Club, 2008

Located in the new developing area of Phuket, the Attitude Building is a 750 sq.m. five-story new office building for ROOF Company Limited. The Attitude comprises two major design studios on the third and fourth floors, while the second floor is designed for all other major administrative functions, such as lobby, reception, administrative office, and meeting room. The ground level is reserved for parking and staff canteen, while the top floor is designed for staff lounge and fitness center. With modern style, the facades of the building are designed to be minimal. Cubist precepts of composition strongly influenced the design. The extensive use of glass on the exterior, as well, as set backs, allow maximum light into all areas. Gray color is selected to harmonize the building with surrounding. In addition, the building systems are carefully designed to be opened for the ease of maintenance and the study of all staffs.

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