RDM Design Group was established in 2011. We are a leading design team of original ROOF, Co., Ltd. which is one of the leading architectural firms in Andaman region specializing in Hi-end residentail development and trendy boutique hospitality projects.

We have worked with over 100 clients to design “Dream Architecture” throughout the Southeast Asia. With more than a decade of our experience in professional practice, we have learnt how to stay on the top of the trends and deliver world-class quality in design.

Our success is down to the company’s founding principle of working with an emphasis on teamwork. The organization is comprised of a collection of experts in various property development fields who integrated through cross-practice exchange. This dynamic network ensures that new insights inform the firm's collective knowledge and creating a highly valuable asset for all clients

We strive to put a premium on places that reflect local and regional sensitivity, corporate culture, brand or whatever it is that makes a specific place special. We believe that successful buildings capture the spirit of their surroundings, even as they assert their own identity. They're visually appealing, healthy, comfortable, flexible, secure and efficient, a pleasure to be in. As a result, they will pay their way and add real value for their owners and users.

We strive to enhance Asian culture through the art and practice of architecture. Our design skills, client focus and in-depth knowledge of local markets combine to create unique, innovative buildings which respond not only to clients’ needs but also to the culture and climate.

We strive to find the optimal solution for every design challenge to create enduring buildings that perfectly balance ideals, program, aesthetics and budget. We design with smart growth ideals, a mix of uses, authenticity, appropriate connections, scale and the public realm.

We strive to provide a rewarding architectural experience through the course of design and construction from the beginning to completion. Our comprehensive approach ensures a stronger, better coordinated product, and our design methodology encourages client participation and collaboration with experts from all disciplines to create the highest quality performance and products.