Foto Hotel
Kata, Phuket, Thailand
Cape Two Co., Ltd. 2010-2012

A modern boutique lifestyle ambiance of the - star hotel, the Foto Hotel offers 79 lifestyle comfortable rooms setting in tranquiller surrounding of Kata Beach overlooking stunning sunset view. The hotel located on top view of Kata where one hour drive from Phuket International Airport and a 30 minute drive to Phuket town.

The major design is modern style inspired by photography. The main goal is to create a photogenic architecture and interior design. Gray color 18% which is the neutral color tone in photography is selected to be the main color of the design and accented with black and white color while people with colorful dress will be absolutely completed and dominated in the photograph. In addition, photography techniques and antique cameras are interpreted to be parts of decorative items throughout the hotel.

The hotel offers 2 room types, 39 Ozone Hall rooms and 40 Ocean Hall rooms. Ozone Hall is a garden view room while Ocean Hall is n ocean view room. The room is spacious with total living space of 46.5 square meters where a Twin/King size bed can fit in comfortably. Private balcony with outdoor furniture extends your relaxing with us.

Foto Hotel also provides top-class recreational facilities such as massage, fitness center, outdoor pool, and spa.

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